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Bad Bubble - “She's Dead” : Immersive and powerful emotive outpouring, contained in one glorious moment of music!

"She's Dead" by our returning artist Bad Bubble, is a very immersive musical experience; where it feels as if you are enveloped by a blanket of overwhelming expression in sound, that doesn't pause to take a breath at any stage. It's all around, above and below; with great layers and depth like the ocean, but still moves smoothly and totally entrances with the melodic keyboard riffs and mellow background instrumentation. Angelic harmonies supporting the sad low-key vocal, bring this majestic, tour de force of an emotional track to its grand completion.

All roads within this superbly balanced mix, lead to producing what is a powerful emotive outpouring, all contained in one short-lived moment of glorious music. With this impressive piece, Bad Bubble continues to astound and unwrap the hidden possibilities of what can be achieved, in self-expression through the medium of music. Please, listen below.

Listen to "She's Dead" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the #UFA repertoire -

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