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Bad Bubble - “Hozar” : A warm keyboard gives way to a harbinger of doom, in this unashamedly honest and creative composition!

Bad Bubble brings us another insight into his life experiences in "Hozar," the latest fascinating offering of unashamed honesty and creative composition. A smooth, comfortable, warm keyboard floats above the spacious low-fi instrumental mix; while the distinctive, emotional vocal cuts clearly through everything to bring the poetic words of the artist to life. All seems under an umbrella of containment, within a balanced composition...until: At 2 min 35 sec, a strong, omnipresent, menacing, oppression of sound suddenly invades the easygoing atmosphere; like a harbinger of doom from mythology; grinding out the last vestiges of love that exist purely as a state of joy.

And Bad Bubble knows something of love; life and love...and how it makes you feel. He knows how to relate his experiences to us in free-flowing poetic form. Words have meaning, and in BB songs they mean everything when you understand. And this artist understands how he feels perfectly well; it comes to us in his compositions, in a powerful surge of consistency that hangs in the air until the last note; a consistency of brave outpouring of emotion and fervent desire to put it all into music.

Listen to "Hozar" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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