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Bad Bubble - “Am I A Good Man?” ~ A wholly artistically successful collection of tracks, with deep, meaningful, poetic lyrics and a real sense of evolution in the music!

Today, we welcome once again one of the most prolific and featured artists of our music blog, US-based synthpop artist, Bad Bubble with his upcoming EP - "Am I A Good Man?" Let's dive right in!

The opening track on the EP, 'Dizzy Face', has an ever-present melancholic keyboard riff running through, which is really enhanced by the emergence of the saxophone melody as the track progresses. An enjoyable, low-key, modest, restrained, and soulful introduction to the new collection.

The second track, 'Fog Life' begins to light up the sky now. There's a vibrant, nightlife passing by like a fast-moving film clip, teamed with a lifting up of mood in a strongly emotive way, about this richly layered tapestry of a piece. The lovely melody of the keyboard riff takes center stage, and I can see the many faces of people in their busy lives, rushing from here to there; accompanied by twinkling lights, manifested in sound like little chiming bells, in this ebullient and stunningly melodic track. A triumph!

Creation number three, 'Knives and Pills', has a great distinctive mix as always from BB, but there seems to be a reaching out to a more symphonic vibe here; with quite an orchestral violins feel to the expressive keyboards, blending so well with the lower melodramatic keys. The instrumental mix is venturing into the realm of dramatic cinema music...that's how diverse the ever-evolving music of this artist is becoming; while essentially staying firmly grounded in his own distinctive sound. It's something of a more commercial-sounding track here, validated by the very catchy 'Step by step...' hook. A familiar melodic hook like this works fascinatingly well within such a distinctively constructed mix. The last third transforms into a quite beautiful butterfly of a harmonious instrumental backing to the 'Step by step...' hook, with a pretty, cascading keyboard elevating the mood, in super sweet, sublime sound. Another impressive triumph!

The last track, 'Super Drip' is a continuation of the melodramatic orchestral film music vibes, entwining and holding center stage, through a wonderfully intoxicating journey and example of rapidly expanding musical expression; that is superbly born out by the scintillating and no doubt, lovingly arranged outro; perfectly concluding a wholly artistically successful Bad Bubble EP.

The EP is entitled 'Am I A Good Man?' Well, when you listen to the poetic, heartfelt, honest, and expressive lyrics, you feel this must be a good man...because at the root of it all, he cares; he's as real as a man can be. Is he a good artist? The answer in large neon letters is yes; and with his music evolving and vision working overtime, it is very likely that the best is yet to come...

Listen to "Am I a Good Man" on SoundCloud here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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