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Bad Bubble - “Olive Oil” ~ A magnificent brave depth of sadness displayed in the lyrics and vocals!

The lyrics of the song "Olive Oil" by our returning artist Bad Bubble casts a lowly spell of despair, stark, uncomplicated in their brief venture out into the world, from undercover of a dismal night filled with rain shaped as tears. Through the thick jungle canopy of the Amazon rainforest, slivers of sunlight might sometimes be seen from the ground; so it is with this Bad Bubble creation; the slivers of sunlight in this case being some of those elements in the mix; the gentle violins and hollow flute like sounds, that inject a little pathway by means of their touch, out of the bigger picture of dejection pervading this outpouring of hurt.

There is a balance of sorts in the magnificent brave depth of sadness being displayed in the lyrics and vocals, and a calm, ethereal beauty contained in the instrumentation. The heart-wrenching wail that plays out the track is very moving; it sears the soul of a maybe more fortunate and less damaged being like myself. Only a dark secret of immense loss, hurt, can bring to life such an exclamation of anguish, that resonates and destroys the calm, in an otherwise under-control listening experience. The ending was a surprise to me; but with this artist, I have learned that nothing is really a is more about the extent to which you are understanding how he is expressing his feelings through his music.

It's a labor of love to be sure; reaching out in sublime, unfettered, raw emotion, to stir the hearts and souls of those music aficionados who might happen along to get a listen. And they won't be disappointed by what is very much a lovingly and expertly crafted expression of one man's emotions laid bare.

Listen to "Olive Oil" on Youtube here -

You can check out Bad Bubble’s website here:

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