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Bad Bubble - “In Whatever”~ An exquisite harmony clutching at heart and a sense of floating in void!

The thrash of the percussion feels as if the artist, Bad Bubble is performing under an oppressive influence of some kind. It's maybe coming from a part of life experience that finds ways to manifest in the music. There's a sense of the whole piece floating in a void, by the way ingredients seem to have so much time and space to present themselves and flourish; this perception only adds to the atmosphere built up around the distinctive mix in his recent song "In Whatever".

The chorus is quite beautiful, with wonderfully emotive touches. An exquisite harmony clutching at the heart, is like the proverbial choir of angels in its sweetly blending religious chant; seemingly offering a question up to heaven, if there is one, in an imploring 'I understand, but why does it have to be that way?' voice. From listening to this sublime chorus, my instinct is the artist is expressing himself as a dear and deep-feeling soul. It rises out of the music, like the shimmering heat over a dusty desert road, under the blistering hot midday sun. And as is often found in Bad Bubble's music, there is the vital, integral presence of a desert-like emptiness; desolation in the soundscape.

And I shouldn't be surprised I love the short, but inspired, sweetly conceived, and delicately arranged to play out. It ends the track with a pristine touch of creative brilliance; oddly reminding me of how the great Led Zeppelin ended one of their songs. This a nod not to be taken lightly, in regard to how full of subtle and pleasing musical ideas the mind of this unique artist is.

Listen to "In Whatever" on Souncloud -

You can check out Badbubble’s website here:

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