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Wild Horse - “Bitter" ~ A Pop-rock trio making tidal waves!

A Pop-rock trio Wild Horse is making waves in the industry. I hope this sentence turns out to be in a movie representing Wild Horse someday because these dudes have got it going for them!

Their dedication to delivering crucially good material surpasses most other boybands. Quality over quantity is the motto here. It’s also without a doubt they’ve been syncopating rhythms together for a while now.

Uplifting lyrics supplement their positive vibes. We say uplifting, although, knowing full well that the pop trio’s song has "Bitter" written all over it. Well, sometimes, the negative energy has to go somewhere, and sometimes only speaking up about it resolves the pent-up emotion. That is why we’re honoring Wild Horse with a hefty playlist add. If you wanna hear why these very same fellas deserve to be included in our roster, check them out below!

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