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Kelsie Kimberlin -“Shattered” ~ A Thoughtful and Emotional Canvas of Pain and Healing!

Kelsie Kimberlin is an American singer of Ukrainian extraction. So, given the state of things in the world right now, it would follow that she’d have a lot to talk about in her songs. And she does. Her Instagram account is full of pro-Ukraine posts commenting on the war, and her upcoming record Armageddon depicts Kimberlin standing amidst burning ruins, holding a Ukrainian flag.

But it's something entirely different that we are going to discuss here, about one of her recent songs. As she puts it, “Shattered” is a song about “an amazing girl who gave it all to a guy who treated her badly.” And that certainly comes across in the song. It’s a slow burner dripping with emotion – piano, strings, and a choral arrangement fill out the sonics. Kimberlin’s voice is soft, quivering, reinforced with whispers and well-placed effects.

The song feels meditative in its pace, developing slowly and giving plenty of space to the instrumentals. It’s almost like Kimberlin is sitting quietly with a crying friend, just trying to console her and give her a glimmer of hope in the wake of a devastating breakup. One might apply this to the broader themes of Kimberlin’s work, particularly her recent focus on the conflict in her ancestral land – could Ukraine be the shattered friend who needs to be reassured and put back together?

Altogether then, what Kimberlin has created with “Shattered” is a thoughtful expression of feeling. It’s not a pop banger, nor does it try to be. This is the one where, during her live show, the audience will start swaying with phone flashlights raised up, mouthing the words and maybe shedding a sympathetic tear.

All this being said, I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Kimberlin has to offer with the upcoming Armageddon record. This is an artist with a vision and commitment to her craft, and if “Shattered” is anything to go by, her future releases will be just as provocative of thoughts and feelings.

Listen to "Shattered" on Spotify here -

You can check out Kelsie Kimberlin’s website here:

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