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Ari Joshua, Joe Doria, Brad Gibson - “Audio Bicycle Day - Suncatcher's Version” ~ Takes You on a Groovy Musical Time Travel Pedaling through Psychedelia!

Today we are stepping into a psychedelic time machine as the Suncatchers - a trio band, comprising 'Psychedelic Jazz Rock guitarist' Ari Joshua, drummer Brad Gibson and organist Joe Doria, whisk you away on a nostalgic dreamy journey with their latest single, "Audio Bicycle Day". From the moment you hit play, you're transported back to the classic era of music, where groovy beats and mesmerizing melodies reign supreme.

The soundtrack kicks off with an enchanting opening sequence that instantly immerses you in a world of swirling colors and dancing odalisques. Ari Joshua's guitar comes in and continues to shine brightly throughout the track, capturing the essence of classic psychedelic rock, and inviting listeners to lose themselves in its sonic nirvana. Led by the masterful and intriguing tones of the organ by Joe Doria, the music takes on a cinematic quality, evoking mysterious images of old cartoon shows and detective movie scenes. With Brad Gibson's groove on drums, each beat is like a heartbeat, setting the tempo for Joshua's guitar to work its magic with an engaging rhythm. With each riff and chord progression, Joshua's skillful and dynamic playing adds depth and dimension to the song, complementing the organ's rich tones perfectly, and providing the guiding light for the whole masterpiece.

Recorded and mixed entirely analog, "Audio Bicycle Day" boasts top-shelf production quality, thanks to the expertise of engineers Floyd Reitsma and Jason Gray. With vintage analog equipment at Studio Litho and Blue Mallard Recording, respectively, the song captures the authentic retro vibe of yesteryears while still sounding fresh and contemporary.

In a nutshell, "Audio Bicycle Day" by the Suncatchers is a must-listen for fans of classic psychedelic rock and anyone looking for a musical adventure that transcends time and space. So hop on your favorite classic movie nostalgia and embark on a journey back to the golden age of music with The Suncatchers' latest single. Don't forget to support Ari Joshua's Factory Music School by signing up for music lessons online or in person at It's time to chase the sun and catch some groovy vibes! Listen below!

Listen to "Audio Bicycle Day" on Spotify here -

Immerse yourself & groove to the official music video of "Audio Bicycle Day" on Youtube here -

You can check out Ari Joshua’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the #UFA repertoire -


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