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Joey Grace - ‘Biorobot’ ~ A melodramatic cinematic synthy goodness!

Our next artist and their musical gift to the world comes from California. Joey Grace is a budding songwriter/producer coming fresh from her workshop with a track called ‘Biorobot’. Let’s jump in.

This track’s melodramatic cinematic goodness reminds me of grimes’ newer stuff and SOPHIE’s legacy work. Without a doubt I’m bobbing my head, wanting to move in an electropunk fashion listening to ‘Biorobot’.

My one subjective and minute bone to pick would be smoother transitions. One exemplary transition is how the intro’s synth-y arpeggios set the mood - envelops the journey. However, around the 3 minute mark different-sounding arpeggios

I don’t suppose there are any so-called “drops” in this track so that’s even more intriguing and worth lending your ear to ‘Biorobot’ at least twice.

I must say that Joey Grace does expel her creativity very uniquely without showing disconnected extravagance. Underrated af!

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