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Harri Mason - She does not miss a chance in empowering her listeners!

Harri Mason is another debut artist here at Underrated Fresh Art. Her 2021 title “Self Love” is a truly uplifting, affirmational song. A classic ‘personal piece’ into the artist’s world, the acoustic folk track does not miss in empowering her listeners. Perhaps some fans just need a little reminder that “nothing is wrong with them”.

In terms of composition and arrangement, we are greeted with ethereal vocal harmonies by Harri herself but quickly transported into a guitar picked triplets that drive the rhythm. Personally, there is nothing more calming than a “bard tone” guitar being supplemented by her songwriting and vocal timbre is reminiscent of Florence Welch.

One pointer I would add if I may is, I just think the beautiful harmonies in the intro could have been repeated throughout the chorus. Dispel your fears by immersing yourself in “Self Love” below.

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