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Enter the dreamlike sonic cityscape of Luke Tangerine's mind after reading the “Letter From a Non-Existent City” and explore the nostalgic echoes of the imaginary metropolis!

Last time when we reviewed "Departure" (and you listened to the track) there was a voice guiding us through self-discovery to embrace our fate as a good thing and carry on despite obstacles for a new beginning - well could it be that we are here and we got this "Letter From a Non-Existent City" by following the directions given by the voice and reaching the checkpoint? Seems likely, as the letter reads from none other than Luke Tangerine himself, let's find out!

As we open the musical "Letter From a Non-Existent City" from Luke Tangerine's latest EP, "Urban Echoes," it teleports listeners on a mesmerizing adventure through his dream of an imaginary urban landscape. This immersive masterpiece, with its slow-paced weave of sonic strands, soft piano melodies, and warm ambient waves, evokes a sense of aimless exploration and wide-eyed wonder. The dynamic sound texture is punctuated by distinct nostalgic elements, drawing listeners deeper into its ethereal atmosphere.

The track feels like a dream filled with nostalgic echoes of familiar yet unfamiliar places — areas from past memories but somehow new as if distorted by the passage of time or being in the state of dreaming. As listeners wander through this sonic landscape, they encounter ever-changing graffiti-covered walls and memory-filled staircases, each corner revealing a new facet of the imaginary cityscape.

The track's title aptly captures its essence, as it feels like a letter from a place that exists only in the imagination—a place where reality and fantasy blur into one. The EP's closing track, "Letter From a Non-Existent City" ends the collection in a calm, soothing, and nearly ethereal atmosphere, and the mastery of his craft is already evident in every track, as he seamlessly blends complex instrumentations with a cathartic ambiance.

In conclusion, "Letter From a Non-Existent City" is a fitting closure to Luke Tangerine's magnificent EP, leaving listeners with a sense of peace and fulfillment as they emerge from their musical journey through the urban echoes of the imagination. Immerse yourself below!

Listen to "Letter From a Non-Existent City" on Spotify here -

You can check out Luke Tangerine’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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