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Ed Eagle - A vocalist/guitarist, using his music as a means of social commentary!

Aaaand we're back with our fresh underrated artist reviews. Today we have Edward Eagle, an artist from Toronto. To highlight, Ed’s swift brush with the music industry has put him at the helm of New Artist Spotlight (NAS), an international artist community of indie artists dedicated to making raw talent heard, without any placement fees.

In terms of musicianship, It seems like Ed has been experiencing chrysalis these past 2 years. By experimenting with metal and grunge genres, he has really settled into his own with storytelling, landing him several marks of approval from Spotify’s editorial playlists! Dealing with issues of political animosity in “The Team”, or the a-so-familiar quarantine life in “It’s Fine”, the artist’s instrumentals often reflect a call-to-action atmosphere. His tasteful use of distorted guitars and heavy-hitting percussion pays homage to Alice In Chains as well as Sound-garden but in a modern, 21st century production.

It’s a pleasure to have Ed cross paths with us. We are elated to hear what important yet no-so-widely discussed topics he brings up next. In the meantime check out the tracks below!

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