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Cory M. Coons' “Long Hard Rain” ~ A classical arrangement with wide dynamic range & dramatic breaks!

Today we’re introducing an ingenious musical act by the one and only - Cory M. Coons. By professional standards, it’s no wonder Cory has had good success with this single. It is bluesy across the board. A classical arrangement, coupled with wide dynamic range, sprinkled with dramatic breaks is the recipe for generating sizable audiences. I like how Cory paints a picture with his words. In “Long Hard Rain”, moods are elicited by sceneries of wood cottages and freedom through words like “beggar and a thief” and “moonshine”.

Especially noteworthy is that the song’s title is not chanted on chorus but before it if we’re talking in sections. A staple of good songwriting is incorporating new elements within repeated sections. For example, Cory doesn’t shy away from emphasizing different syllables whereas a more amateur musician would keep them as first sung. Overall, Long Hard Rain is one of those songs where you get the full gist of it when actually hearing what’s being done across.

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