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Carl Kammeyer & Ossico - “One” ~ It's ONE Masterpiece Concealed in Plain Sight!

Carl Kammeyer, an indie singer-songwriter from California, draws inspiration from his mother who encouraged his musical talent from a young age by buying him a keyboard and teaching him how to play it by ear. He later joined his local church's youth choir, where he developed his musical skills and learned to play the guitar. With a powerful voice and a gift for creating melodies with heart and meaning, he writes about love and life aiming to connect with his listeners on their own personal journeys.

Ossico is an electronic musician from Dallas who blends the organic sounds of live instruments like guitar, piano, and saxophone with synthesizers and electronic beats. On August 9th, he collaborated with Carl Kammeyer to release their song "One". With over 5,000 streams on Spotify, it's a song that you should definitely check out on your favorite streaming platforms. Personally, I will be adding this to my favorite electronic playlists. I would even stretch the song to playlists to be included in Tropical House playlists.

I really enjoyed this song, and I was particularly impressed by Carl's voice. I didn't think it would be bad, but I didn't expect it to be so powerful and liberating. I would compare his voice to Aloe Blacc, John Legend, and other artists like Sam Smith. I would advise Carl to develop his vocals by being more confident and assertive in his tone. His voice is powerful, and I believe that with more confidence, it will be even more so. Additionally, I loved the production by Ossico. It reminds me of many successful musicians, including Avicii, and Calvin Harris.

It is uncommon to come across such a hidden gem in the music industry, especially a collaboration between two gems. That said, I can see both of these musicians going places, so why not follow them on all streaming and social media platforms? Go ahead and click the links below to do so.

Listen to "One" on Spotify here -

You can check out Carl Kammeyer & Ossico’s instagram profile here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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