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Bromsen - “Read About It” ~ The New Wave resurrection is coming in hot from Berlin!

Bromsen is a project from the mid-2000s, brought back to life about two years ago by members Karlo and Richard. Having re-announced themselves with 2022’s “Merryman,” Bromsen presented a definitively 1980s-influenced electro-new-wave sound. The songwriting was tight, the production was on point and the song, by my estimation, slammed pretty hard.

The duo is back now with “Read About It,” their latest single. More retro synths and driving beats abound on this slower-paced new offering. The lyrics and vocal delivery are angular and the instrumental follows – this is much less of a dance song than “Merryman,” but retains the overall vibe of their earlier single nonetheless.

In their bio, Bromsen makes reference to spending the early part of the 2000s gigging in “almost every indie rock club in Berlin,” and with the energy displayed on “Read About It” and “Merryman,” I have no doubt that they’re still very capable of rocking a small-to-midsize venue. “Read About It” in particular sounds as it translates well live, with a strong musical push-and-pull that would surely energize a crowd.

I would happily recommend Bromsen to anyone who likes New Order, Depeche Mode, et cetera on their favorite new wave playlists – I might even suggest them as an opening act for one of these bands at something like the upcoming Darker Waves festival in California.

Like many a synth-powered band, however, Bromsen seems to over-rely on their instrumentals, with lyrics that are not necessarily as catchy as they might want. I’d love to hear these guys do a straight-ahead breakout pop hit; they definitely have the chops.

It’s fun to see a project like Bromsen reunite after so many years, and even more fun to see them mining decades past for inspiration. The sounds pioneered in the 1980s clearly continue to resonate down the ages and this duo is definitely doing their part to keep the energy alive.

Listen to "Read About It" on Spotify here -

You can check out Bromsen’s website here:

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