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V.I.S.H. - “Closurize” ~ Closurize and Enjoy the Vibes…!

Despite the general weakness of the popular music scene in the latter half of the 2010s, one positive trend that has continued into this decade has been the rise of eighties-influenced electronic pop (coinciding with the much-welcomed fall of brick-walled productions featuring screaming banshee divas). Dubai-based musician/producer V.I.S.H. has released a prime example of the quality of music released in this subgenre, the sublime “Closurize”, featuring fellow Dubai native The Nakama Theory on lead vocals. If the term “match made in heaven” had its own dictionary entry, this song might well serve as good an example of one as anything else.

“Closurize” opens with a wonderfully smooth synth arpeggio into hauntingly beautiful vocals from V.I.S.H.’s 16-year-old daughter Keira Natania. By the time the rest of the track kicks in, and Nakama Theory frontman Ashwin Thomas’s excellent vocals take the forefront, the listener’s already in a state of auditory ecstasy. Here we have a case of a song that starts off great and gets even better. Everything about this song just works, but special praise has to go out to the excellent arrangement. “Closurize” strikes the perfect medium between a chill groove and an epic dynamo, the very definition of a happy medium.

“Closurize” marks the third collaboration between V.I.S.H. and The Nakama Theory; based on the quality of their work together so far, one can only hope this artistically rewarding partnership will continue into the foreseeable future.

Listen to "Closurize" on Spotify here -

You can check out V.I.S.H’s website here:

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