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Snakedoctors - “Wuss” ~ A band of guys sharing modern world hijinks!

Snakedoctors are a band of guys sharing modern world hijinks. Today they’re appearing in our world with a song called “Wuss”. Let’s see what it’s all about!

The single comes packaged with a great rhythm section. The guitar strumming reminds you of something from the world of grunge, and distorted accompaniment is not too annoying to blast the roof off! Tame but stayin’! Additionally, it could be said that some production elements could be mixed better, but I think in this case the punky/lo-fi vibe adheres to the band’s whole vibe and theme.

In my own “fresh” opinion, Snakedoctors took this song to the next level by letting Ada Nike get involved. Her vocals supplement the higher register of the chorus and even pushed the song’s message further onto the imagination. And so, the message, calling out a man on his whining, letting a woman control his life - definitely on of the touchier societal topics…..but nevertheless relatable in one way or another. I know I’ve been there! It seems like this band and this song is one that puts a perspective in this confusing modern day life.

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