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AVTUMNE - “Running Away” ~ A Sonic Escape from Life's Tumultuous Entanglements and Uncertainties!


From getting lost in the gaze of "Foreign Green Eyes" to sprinting away from life's chaos in "Running Away," AVTUMNE takes us on a whirlwind journey through the highs and lows of the human experience. Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of emotions, from bittersweet longing to cathartic release, in the intoxicating alt-rock realm of AVTUMNE's latest anthem!

"Running Away" is a captivating alt-rock track by Miami-based artist AVTUMNE that delves deep into the raw emotions of escape, offering a cathartic journey for listeners seeking solace amidst life's turmoils. Produced by Latin Grammy-winning producer Marthin Chan, this exhilarating single captures the relentless pursuit of freedom from inner turmoil, anxiety, and the weight of life's decisions.

With pulsating high-energy guitars and haunting vocals, the song mirrors the intense moments of manic anxiety that confront us at life's crossroads. The song's lyrics clearly depict a soul on the edge, desperately seeking release from the constant stress and regret. The chorus - "Cause I’m running away from myself tonight, I’m tired of regretting and rethinking it all the time, In a constant state of anxiety it seems, Almost as if I’m walking through a dream, Thinking of all the mistakes I could make in my life..." - illustrates the longing to break free from the constraints of one's own mind, circumstances, and the psychological burden of dwelling on past mistakes, worrying about the future while grappling with the inner demons and seeking a path towards healing and self-discovery, striving to find inner peace and emotional balance amid life's challenges.

AVTUMNE's distinctive sound combines vulnerability and rebellion, inviting listeners to confront their own struggles. Drawing on folkloric symbolism from her Galician roots, her music evokes themes of female empowerment while reflecting her rebellious spirit and love for rock music. With vocals often compared to Dolores from the Cranberries and the dark velvet undertones of Lana Del Rey, AVTUMNE brings a unique blend of energy and angst to her music.

As the echoes of "Running Away" fade into the ether, AVTUMNE leaves us with a lingering sense of liberation and defiance. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, the only way out is to run —to find solace in the chaos and embrace the journey of self-discovery. So, let's heed the call and run towards the horizon of endless possibilities, fueled by the raw energy of AVTUMNE's captivating music. Take a listen below!

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