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Seye Adelekan - “Homerton Ocean View”~ Perfect vibe for a leisurely day with your significant other!

Seye Adelekan may be a new name as a solo artist, but he’s anything but a musical novice. Nigerian-born and raised in London, Holland, and Ecuador, Adelekan has had a lifetime to absorb musical influences from a broad range of cultures. This is before we even get to his resumé, which includes playing bass for the era-defining virtual rock band Gorillaz, as well as performance and recording contributions to records by Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons, La Roux and more. This combination of a rich cultural background and top-flight musical pedigree is plainly evident in his latest single, “Homerton Ocean View.”

The song is built around a looping bossa nova-esque combination of guitar and drums, augmented by a lush string arrangement reminiscent of the great productions of the 1970s and Adelekan’s sweet, clear tenor vocals. “Homerton Ocean View” is a pleasant listen – atmospheric, relaxing, reassuring even – the kind of track that would top any easy listening playlist. Adelekan’s bass guitar skills are on display in the arrangement as well in the form of a thoughtful melodic bassline that anchors the track. A ride cymbal swell at the end of the song suggests ocean waves lapping at the coastline, a fitting inclusion given the title of the piece.

Lyrically, the song centers on a speaker asking his lover to stay in bed rather than go out “walking in the winter snow,” enticing them to “make love ‘til the sun is low.” Adelekan sets these lyrics to an appropriately meandering melody, melismatic and interspersed with impressive vocal runs. “Homerton Ocean View” isn’t necessarily a catchy song, but I don’t get the feeling that it’s aiming to be – it’s a vibe for sure, the kind of music that sets you at ease rather than comes out and grabs your attention like so much pop music.

“Homerton Ocean View” is also a curious contrast with Adelekan’s previous release, the debut single “A River.” Although both songs were produced by Charlie Morton and co-written with Morton and Yves Fernandez, they could not be more different. Where “A River” is electronic, driven by a synthesizer-heavy rhythm section and a plodding drum loop, this song is more organic. Where the earlier single focuses around a refrain, “There’s a hole in your heart, a river,” this single is narrative in its lyrical layout. And most notably, “A River” is a melancholy song with somber, oblique lyrics. “Homerton Ocean View” is clear in its subject matter, and the gulf between the two songs is a clear demonstration of Adelekan’s versatility – hinting at a forthcoming discography that may well cover a substantial amount of musical ground.

It will be fascinating to see where Adelekan goes next. With two very different singles under his belt and the impressive credits list mentioned above, I’m certain we’ll be hearing a great deal of variety from him, and I’m similarly certain that all of it will be quality stuff.

Listen to “Homerton Ocean View” on Spotify here -

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