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Sarah Michie - Warns of “Dangers Of Hubris" in Her Captivating Debut EP!

Scottish singer-songwriter Sarah Michie creates breath-taking indie-pop and blue-eyed soul anthems. With Amis Music's help, she released her debut EP, "Dangers of Hubris," featuring the songs "Someone's Sometimes" and "Icarus." The EP itself is inspired by the effects of ego and the sense of self-importance. "Someone's Sometimes" reflects on how egos can affect a relationship, while Icarus is about chasing importance in a generational sense.

"Somebody's Sometimes" sounds more than someone's ego; this flawless single sounds like a relationship failing to outlast expectations. However, the ego can affect any relationship's length. The song sounds mature for a track coming from a debut EP. I love the part about Creep by Radiohead, as it shows a deep understanding of music. We all want to be someone's something forever, as it is today's standard societal expectation. But what happens when two egos don't mix well? Well, listen to this ballad, and you will soon find out.

"Icarus" is a more nostalgic song that could have been better produced. The vocals are similar to very early Lucky Iris; the vocals need more work. As a whole, I would present this song to fans of nostalgic indie pop fans. I love following musicians from the early stages of their careers; that's what I did with Salem Isele and others. In fact, Salem's songs had a similar feel to Sarah's music in their early stages. The sound was there, but the production still needed some work. But, as soon as that production was more sound, the music popped and made more traction. I hope the same for Sarah!

Listen to "Dangers of Hubris" on Spotify here -

You can check out Sarah Michie’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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