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Phoenix Mundy - “Ghost Tour” ~ An Enchanting, Soothing, and Captivating Ghostly Expedition!

Phoenix Mundy is a singer-songwriter with over 900 monthly listeners and followers on Spotify. Her listeners, who hail from all over the world, have come to expect a unique sound from Mundy. Her most dedicated fans are located in Indiana, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Mundy's music is often found on jazzy playlists with a touch of indie pop.

Mundy's music would be a perfect fit for a lounging atmosphere such as Starbucks or a local coffee shop. Her musical vibes are truly relaxing and allow one to slow down and enjoy the present moment. Her individual track numbers on Spotify are impressive, with Asimo having over 329,000 streams. This track is a great example of her lo-fi sound, which is perfect for studying or relaxing.

Mundy's latest single, "Ghost Tour," is yet another example of why her music is so noteworthy. The eclectic indie pop track with a touch of soft rock is a testament to her vast creativity. Her voice is both hypnotic and soothing, and I would be thrilled to hear more songs like this in the future. The song has been a hit with her fans, reaching the top 3 most popular songs on Spotify.

If you are interested in hearing a female artist with a sound similar to The Shins and Broken Bells, I would highly recommend checking out Phoenix Mundy. Her music has a similar vibe and tone to these bands, and her impeccable artwork is reminiscent of the creativity and masterpieces behind the work of James Mercer's band. Other Mundy songs like "My Home" and "Walking with Thieves" also remind me of Bon Iver and other similar musicians. If you enjoy listening to the relaxing vibes from Phoenix Mundy, then please feel free to like and follow her on Facebook and Instagram, as well as follow her on all streaming services.

Listen to "Ghost Tour" on Spotify here -

You can check out Phoenix Mundy’s Instagram profile here:

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