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“One Dub”, Infinite Grooves : Ari Joshua with John Morgan Kimock, Andy Hess & Eden Ladin embark on a Psychedelic & Transcendental Reggae Journey!

Ari Joshua

Ari Joshua is back, ready to take us on a trippy journey once again with his latest release, "One Dub." The composition seamlessly melds reggae dub with contemporary psychedelia, showcasing Joshua’s knack for innovative collaboration and visionary soundscapes. Strap in as we embark on this transcendental sonic journey where tradition meets modernity in a blissful musical blend!

Ari Joshua with John Kimock & Andy Hess at the studio

"One Dub" quickly establishes its mood with textured drums, a timeless bassline, and a playful, astral riff. From the very first notes, the track exudes an optimistic edge, perfect for the summer season. The sound design nuances tap into high frequencies, emitting a bright and cerebral sentiment as the reggae rhythm unfolds that invites listeners into its groovy layered, intricate composition. Joshua’s intention with this track, was to create a visionary take on “rasta dub,” and the track delivers on this promise with a trippy signature style. The composition nods to video game influences while maintaining a contemporary, psychedelic production quality. His guitar seamlessly intertwines with Andy Hess's deep, resonant bass lines, creating a rich sonic fabric that is both calming and energizing. John Kimock's drumming provides the track's pulse, driving the groove with exacting precision and smooth finesse. His dynamic beats add rich layers of depth and complexity to the music, enhancing "One Dub" with every stroke. At the same time, Eden Ladin's organ playing imbues the composition with a warm, soulful quality, adding a touch of the ethereal.

Ari Joshua jamming in the studio

Evidently, the track is a product of Joshua's collaboration with an illustrious set of musicians. Drummer John Kimock, celebrated for his contributions to the jamband scene and tours with Phish's Mike Gordon and Dead and Co.'s Oteil Burbridge, lays down a precise and dynamic rhythmic foundation. Acclaimed bassist Andy Hess, known for his work with Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, brings depth and resonance, anchoring the grooves with sublime beauty. Completing the stellar lineup is internationally touring keyboardist Eden Ladin, whose ethereal melodies add warmth and soul, weaving intricate harmonies that soar with grace. Each musician's unique talents shine through, contributing to a collective sound that is more powerful than the sum of its parts. The palpable chemistry between the players creates an electrifying atmosphere that captivates the listener from beginning to end. The recording session at The Bunker Studio was a significant milestone for Joshua, who had witnessed the studio’s inception and evolution. Engineered by Alex Conroy and mixed by Jonathan Plum at London Bridge Studios, the track benefits from their expertise in capturing and enhancing the intricate details of the performance. Mell Dettmer's deft remixes breathe new life into the compositions, elevating them to dizzying heights of sonic ecstasy.

Ari Joshua ready for tour

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in America, Ari Joshua brings a global perspective to his craft. As a graduate of The New School in NYC, he has collaborated with a wide range of music industry luminaries. The pandemic inspired Joshua to share his vault of recordings with the world, leading to a steady wave of releases featuring artists like Robert Glasper, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, and members of The Trey Anastasio Band. Joshua is also the visionary behind The Music Factory, a music education facility that offers lessons to kids and adults of all ages. Don't forget to support him by signing up for music lessons online or in person at His commitment to sharing his passion for music with the world is evident in every project he undertakes. With "One Dub," he continues to push the boundaries of genre, weaving together talents and creating soundscapes that captivate and mesmerize. The track has already made waves, debuting on Apple Music's prized 'Dubwise Playlist'. Be sure to catch the magic live as Ari Joshua and his band hit the road this summer. Don't miss their tour dates, including June 2nd at Mercury Lounge in New York, NY, and the Kris Yunker, Ari Joshua, and Ben Atkind Trio show on June 5th at The Stone Church in Brattleboro, VT, and June 7th at TBA venue in Brattleboro, VT. Listen below and let "One Dub" carry you away on its sonic voyage!

Listen to "One Dub" on Spotify here -

Immerse yourself & groove to the Visualizer of "One Dub" on Youtube here -

You can check out Ari Joshua’s website here:

A brilliant addition to the #UFA repertoire -


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