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MonkeyRat's ‘Isolation’ ~ speaks in metaphors around esoteric topics like ‘beneficial isolation’!

This new entry will be all about exploring what ‘Isolation’ by MonkeyRat has to offer. The track is a full-blown experience, spanning past the 10-minute mark so there is plenty to discuss.

If you listen attentively, it’s essentially spoken word accompanied by sound. You can hear the narrator speaking in metaphors around topics of ‘beneficial isolation’. There’s definitely some esoteric knowledge sprinkled throughout. Around halfway, the experience blossoms into a full-blown instrumental, adding fuzzy electric guitar, funky bass and of course, drums. I love how raw and inviting the mesh of instruments becomes.

There is not much to bicker here in terms of criticism. ‘Isolation’ gets its highlight for retaining a storytelling narrative even when the instruments reach their peak. I think this band and the ideas carried with them are 100% underrated fresh art! Immerse yourself below.

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