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Meg Smith - “One Hit Wonder" ~ An addictive bit of ear candy that keeps on lingering in your head!

A one-hit wonder (especially those with a song that goes viral) is an artist that achieves mainstream popularity for only one piece of work and becomes known among the general public solely for that momentary success. It's a tale as old as time (or at least as far as the dawning of the recorded music industry); an artist has a song that pops with the general public but subsequent releases fail to achieve the same modicum of success. Based on the quality of her song "One Hit Wonder", it's a safe bet that New York-based singer Meg Smith will escape such a fate.

Despite its title, "One Hit Wonder" is not a song about the aforementioned phenomena but rather framing a fleeting love affair in the same parlance. Smith's rom-com influence is readily apparent not just from a lyrical standpoint; indeed, this would play rather well on the soundtrack for a modern Gen Z film, yet has the timeless quality that would allow it to fit on a soundtrack for any generation from 80s John Hughes films to the 90s and '00s American Pie films.

Smith's vocals have that wispy indie-pop quality mixed with the husky folkiness of Sheryl Crow, which gives this song the yearning yet optimistic vibe the lyrics are trying to convey. The mix is spot on, especially with regard to the panning. Every element fits the sonic field perfectly, with nary a bit out of place. I'm really digging the guitar tones, which have that same Phoebe Bridgers/Soccer Mommy vibe I alluded to earlier.

If I had one (relatively minor) quibble, it would lie with the ending. The transition from the rest of the song to the ending resonance was a bit abrupt; if one of the previous sonic elements (say, the drums) were allowed to bleed into the fade, it would sound far more natural. As it stands, this is a small criticism of an otherwise perfect slice of pop heaven.

Listen to "One Hit Wonder" by Meg Smith on Spotify here:

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