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Matteson Gregory – “I’ll Be Okay" ~ A heartfelt letter that puts you in the singer’s shoes!

I have to admit, hearing Matteson Gregory’s "I’ll Be Okay" made me feel all sad and emotional inside. As someone who also values mental health highly, the message of the song really captures the state of mind of a person struggling. Matteson really hit the nail on the head with her selection of words and lyrics.

The delivery is even more relatable. Like someone dealing with issues, you can feel her sadness with every drop of lyric she sings. The simple piano arrangement accompanying her vocals really amplifies the ambiance that her song brings. It doesn’t interfere with the song too much and it helps give color to a voice of despair.

It’s no wonder she was able to really have a grasp on what is needed for the song as she has stated that this ballad was drawn from her own personal experiences. Her vulnerability really lent to the color given to the song. The darkness drawn from such deep words accompanied by the haunting yet simple piano has really given the song the treatment it requires.

Written as an eye-opener to everybody, she hopes that the song can serve as an inspiration—a light that goes through the darkness from within. As a message to help battle and understand depression, the track does its job well in pulling you right in. However, toward the end, as the song starts to pull the light in, it slowly uplifts and calms the listener. From “I’ll be okay” to “I am okay”, the message slowly helps the listener cope with its assuring words.

Truly, this is an interesting piece of music that starts from a low point and ends on a high note.

Listen to "I’ll Be Okay" on Spotify here:

You can check out Matteson Gregory’s website here:

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