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Madison Deaver – “Wicked" ~ A fierce but calculated attempt to create a powerful alt-pop song!

"Wicked" tries to cross the boundary between bedroom pop, grunge rock, and a hint of metal and it ends up taking a lot of great elements between the aforementioned genres creating its own unique sound. Madison Deaver deserves a commendation for trying something risky and hitting it out of the ballpark.

Madison Deaver is a dynamic artist with very powerful vocals and a bold choice of lyrics. One could say that she is on the borderline of pop and punk with some solid indie influences—often reminiscent of the early days of Gwen Stefani or even Avril Lavigne.

In a way, it gives off some of the same vibes as Willa Ford’s I Wanna Be Bad albeit a modern and stronger take on the style. The lyrics are straightforward enough that it contains so much attitude. There’s a certain part that sticks out—specifically the short break before the chorus—which is slightly reminiscent of Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man in terms of melody (It’s the part that goes “No She Don’t, No She Don’t Deserve It”). However, that only strengthens the song as the chorus that follows it goes crazy.

Actually, the chorus part goes against the direction of everything that goes before. While the verses strongly use distorted guitars, drums, and a majority of grungy and angsty rock elements embellished with some piano and synth parts, the chorus parts go crazy with some bongos and heavy guitars.

One could say that the reliance on variances of drum parts really lent to the strong vibe the song gives out. Perhaps it’s a choice by Madison Deaver that pays off as this track really turned out to be a strong reminder that the “best revenge is served to those so Wicked.”

Listen to "Wicked" on Spotify here:

You can check out Madison Deaver’s website here:

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