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Kelsie Kimberlin – “Cosmopolitan Girl" ~ Get ready to cross borders with Kelsie’s Cosmopolitan Girl!

Kelsie Kimberlin might be on the right track with her new song. "Cosmopolitan Girl" seems to follow the trend of doing songs heavily inspired by ‘80s songs. With the rise of ‘80s-influenced songs like The Weeknd’s "Blinded by the Light" among others, it’s a song that doesn’t need to be too deep and allows you to just lose yourself in the moment.

Cosmopolitan Girl talks about how life is as a titular character. The hook is simple enough to follow that you’ll be dancing and bobbing left and right while the song progresses. Sometimes, the simplest direction is the best one. Kelsie keeps it simple with the drums, the hook, and the synths. Musically, the song itself is very tight. The chorus also just mentions the title along with other nuances that it’s bound to repeat in your head continuously—a very easy-to-remember hook.

Now Kelsie has a very deep background. She also enjoys writing and making music that deals with social themes among others. While she’s the type to write about everyday happenings in real life, she also dares to sing about the finer things in life such as in this song—a straightforward message that sometimes enjoying the lifestyle is where it’s at.

I’d love to hear more of this style from Kelsie as I think it really helps highlight her potential as a pop artist. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a song that makes you feel good about your travels, Cosmopolitan Girl is it.

Listen to "Cosmopolitan Girl" on Spotify here:

You can check out Kelsie Kimberlin’s website here:

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