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K I T - “When We Say Goodbye" ~ A real Sunday afternoon’s best friend!

Undoubtedly akin to success, K I T seems like he’s carrying a few cards up his sleeve. Let’s dissect them.

Right from the get-go, we notice the mix is quite impressive, kudos to the engineer. No mud or popping where there shouldn’t be. A soundscape ready to be ingested the exact same way the artist imagined. Besides this, it’s an uplifting song! It’s like sailing through the sea and finding El Dorado.

How quickly “When We Say Goodbye" elicit emotions through vocal harmonies is also something worth noting. We’d very much like to pitch the hell out of this song to every radio and playlist if we could. Although this song falls more into the legacy/nostalgic side of genres, the composition, dynamism, and modern production allow the listener to capture the moment...Take a peek below!

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