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IRYS – “Borderline" ~ Simply Hypnotic and Entrancing!

"Borderline" by IRYS is legitimately on the borderline. The heavy bass sounds coupled with the hard drums really feel like you’re being hypnotized by the haunting sound it produces. While most of the song is very riff-based, it works so well—highlighting the simple things it does without too much extra sauce.

While one would be correct to describe IRYS’s music as gloomy and dark, it also provides a unique sound that is both entrancing and enchanting. The track is both deep and dark, yet exudes that confidence and fierceness that feels so strong.

Part of the reason it sounds so fierce is that the guitar riff sounds like it was taken from a kung-fu flick. With the deep bass sound creating a vacuum sound to contrast the high-pitched guitar, it really fills the spaces in the spectrum that one can’t help but pay attention to the song. Coupled with IRYS’s eerie voice, the song really dishes out a complete package that’s hard to resist.

However, even with the haunting melody throughout, the lyrics still exhibit a leap of faith moment which helps add some light to the track. Like a call to join, the song ends on a high note by providing some small positives as well.

"Borderline" takes a lot of inspiration from some hip-hop and pop tracks in that the soundscape is easy to enjoy and love and get attached to.

Listen to "Borderline" on Spotify here:

You can check out and follow IRYS’s Instagram here:

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