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Bad Bubble - “January” ~ The glorious heart and soul of a man, and the unrestrained vision of an artist!

"January" is a highly distinctive, stunning, broad sonic landscape of an album from the artist Bad Bubble. There's a wonderful cooperation in all of these tracks, between electronic or occasional piano riffs, and the artist's one-of-a-kind, heartfelt, despair-imbued vocal. Added to this joy of a partnership, is a very creative arrangement of sounds, that often seem to empathize with the vocal mood; sitting back in the mixes and articulating voices of their own. All in all, it's a superbly woven tapestry of musical ideas and gale-force winds of human emotion, that opens a gateway to the artist's unfathomable depths; where the demons, devils, and maybe a few angels reside.

    1. "Coma Berencies" - The album opens with a grandiose instrumental that makes me think of a great sprawling, Gothic romantic film, filled with tragic stories of unfulfilled longings and regret.

2. "Plug" - A lovely emotive riff-led track, where the riff is a faithful structural support to the evocative, heartfelt vocal. Impressive.

3. "Cut Inward" - Wow...Immediately loved the funky light percussion and rhythms in this immersive, 'Heroes' like the creative arrangement and soundtrack. It's smooth and majestic as it flows with an easy self-assurance in those rhythms and a captivating background alien atmosphere. A totally absorbing and compelling sonic treat, that would make for a fascinating, attractive single release.

    4. "She's the Best" - Great arrangement in this comforting, enveloping arms ambiance track, enriched by the intermittent melodious riff lighting the way, as atmospheric electronic sounds swirl around in the background.

5. "We're Guilty" - An ominous, dark-toned, cathedral-sized electronic riff reflects in sound, the acceptance and weight of guilt. There's a fine balance between the vocal and music, to produce a warm, emotive feel all through.

6. "Box" - A diversity of rhythms and sounds, in this dynamically engaging track, which captures and draws the listener into its hypnotic feast of ingredients as the mix progresses.

7. "Poem for a Hobo" - A hollow-toned electronic riff and depth of feeling in the vocal, with small sounds like voices in the background, seeming to sympathize, combine to present a stark, self-reflective track.

8. "The Bias of Francine" - Beautifully sensitive mix, with violins and pretty piano, that shines even above the grandeur of the music; as the vocal goes through its range to express, in an achingly exquisite way, a 'hands reaching imploringly to the sky' extent of feeling here.

9. "Clean Ahead" - A quicker tempo track with military march-like percussion and electronic riff, leading the distinctive vocal in a vibrant declaration of love.

"January" showcases Bad Bubble's intuitive ability to create mixes that successfully reflect his depth of feeling. They are uniquely tailored to him and therefore a true and honest presentation of the man himself. Heart and soul, laid bare for all the world to see. It's music that goes right to the core. It's all of us and yet still it's uniquely Bad Bubble. It's the beacon of originality we seek, yet also everything we know and identify with. It's the glorious heart and soul of a man. and the unrestrained vision of an artist.

Listen to "January" on Spotify here -

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A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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