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De Antiquis Et Novis - “Time is Running Out" ~ Heartbeat percussions & dramatic dance floor vibes!

De Antiquis Et Novis is a German composer and producer of electronic music, who also collaborates with other artists internationally. Most of his music is made using vintage synthesizers, starting from the early 70s, with the inclusion of a few modern ones. Hence the name ‘De Antiquis Et Novis’, which means ‘From old and new’. Coming from a musical family, he built his own synthesizer when he was fourteen…and it still works!

DAEN is inspired by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, and Manfred Mann, with his experimental sound designs. The artist wants his fans to feel a positive sensation from the music, and followers have often commented they relax to his compositions after a stressful day. DAEN describes his sound as a combination of mellow landscapes, modern beats, and ethereal female voices.

In the De Antiquis Et Novis track, ‘Time is Running Out’, you can feel the anxious atmosphere of this well-produced, dynamic electronic dance composition. The upfront keyboard riff is big and insistent as if repeatedly tapping you on the shoulder, to remind you that time is indeed running out. I don’t know if it’s a nod to the Climate change issue; but it wouldn’t surprise me, as this music has the feel of the here and now, with a message pushing to be heard. It comes through in the heartbeat percussion and gradual increase to more dramatic vibes, from the machine gun desperate riff which sees the track to its conclusion.

There’s nothing too arty, wordy, or poetic here…but a clear and direct approach, with attention-grabbing dance floor attraction. There’s tension combined with a purposeful flow that draws you in as it builds. You’re swept along on the smooth electro tide, and before you know it, the high of this pleasant journey is over…and it does grow on you with repeated listens…the spell is cast.

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