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Dana Rexx – “Rebel" ~ A strong empowering track bordering on industrial and alternative pop!

Dana Rexx’s "Rebel" starts strong with its grunge-sounding synths which easily take from stronger pop songs such as Britney Spears’ Toxic or Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive. Speaking of drive, some of the instruments seem to be using a drive or distortion effect which may have added to the tougher sound being projected.

This does not serve as much as a surprise since Rexx’s defines her music as tribal rhythmic and borrowing from the electronic power pop spectrum while adding her own darker elements to the mixes. It’s no wonder the sound she exudes is very powerful and very fitting for the messages she tries to spread using her songs.

During the song, some parts seem to borrow from a lot of unorthodox rock songs—especially with the unique chord patterns used. In fact, one could easily mistake the songs to be influenced by tracks produced by Apocalyptica—yet, Rebel still retains the gritty pop sound.

The song is a call to the “Rebels” of society—a good message to those who don’t necessarily fit in with the norms and standards. In fact, that’s what makes the song even better. With it’s unique sound, partnered with the message it sends, it definitely titillates the senses with its unique premise. Fans of pop, and even industrial rock might enjoy adding this track to their daily playlist.

Rebel is a unique masterpiece from the mind of Dana Rexx.

Listen to "Rebel" on Spotify here:

You can check out Dana Rexx’s website here:

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