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Cristina Movileanu - “All About You” ~ Mediterranean yacht music from … Ireland?!

Cristina Movileanu is based in Ireland – although you wouldn’t know that from the sound of her music. Her single “All About You” offers a sunny, Mediterranean-flavored vibe perfect for an afternoon on the beach (or, perhaps, on a Yacht somewhere off Mykonos). Hailing from an artistic lineage and with a background as a fine artist, Movileanu’s work with “All About You” is nearly synesthetic – evocative of exactly the kind of dramatic coastline vistas depicted in the single’s accompanying music video.

“All About You” is most definitely a summery song. Driven by a Spanish- or Italian-esque guitar riff and acoustic percussion, Movileanu describes a bright day with a romantic partner: the lyrics “all about you / sun is shining / all about you / dreams come true” really drive this particular point home.

Movlieanu’s vocals are raw but sincere; her mezzo-soprano delivery complements the song’s optimistic theme. With genuine warmth reflective of the general vibe of the piece, she achieves an admirable degree of emotional and aesthetic depth with a relatively simple set of lyrics and straightforward melodic delivery. Rather than catchy or attention-grabbing, the song sets a mood and sticks to it; much like the paintings Movileanu also occupies herself creating, “All About You” is intensely visual. This is not to say that Movileanu eschews song structure entirely; just that the experience of listening to “All About You” seems to be more about the attitude it puts you in than any sort of narrative intention.

Instrumentally, as I mentioned, the song is driven by a Mediterranean-sounding guitar part, augmented only at the end by an electric guitar part that adds a refreshing point of contrast to the arrangement. The song's production is top-notch, aligning seamlessly with Movileanu's appealing vocals. The instruments, production quality, and mix all hit the mark!

"All About You" is the sort of song that doesn't conform to the typical mold of contemporary songs but has much more creativity, it's like a painting, a work of art! This song will sit happily on easy-listening playlists and provide a lovely background to an enjoyable day out on the water.

I would be curious to see Movileanu tackle something a bit more along the lines of a traditional pop song, however. Her creative vision is certainly unique and she’s got plenty of room for exploration.

Listen to "All About You" on Spotify here -

You can check out Cristina Movileanu's website here:

A brilliant addition to the repertoire -

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