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Clare Easdown - “Wrap Me Up” ~ Wrapped up in auditory bliss!

One oft-repeated (and extremely erroneous) criticism of electronic music is its “cold” and mechanical, devoid of melodic wonder and harmonic delights. “Wrap Me Up”, the hauntingly ethereal new release from Australian artist extraordinaire Clare Easdown (featuring producer Jburnsmusic) proves just how false that statement can be.

Right away, the listener is left gobsmacked at how music composed and performed primarily in the electronic vein can still have a certain warmth; indeed, it sounds organic in its mechanical nature…strangely, the converse is also true. There is a fair amount of tuning used on Easdown’s voice, but in this case, it actually serves to enhance the raw beauty of her voice, giving it an otherworldly aura that sends it to a new level entirely. Technology is the tool of the delivery here but not the foundation, a subtle difference that separates Easdown from someone like Ellie Goulding and Grimes, both of whom are equally as talented but don’t have the vocal chops found here.

Needless to say, “Wrap Me Up” was a revelation…a wonderful song sung wonderfully, with a top-notch production that enhances rather than detracts. It helps that Easdown is a classically trained musician, and it definitely shows. There is a level of quality found in every aspect of this song that many artists would go their career fruitfully hoping to reach such artistic heights. At some point in the future, when Clare Easdown is a household name, this review shall be a form of musical ground zero…proof that the most talented artists are sometimes right out there in the open, waiting for the right ears to hear them. Let your ears be two of the next to hear this…you’ll (and they!) will be glad you did.

Listen to "Wrap Me Up" on Spotify here -

You can check out Clare Easdown’s instagram here:

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