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Ben Konarov –“Made A Mark”~ A Lyricist's Emotional & Heartfelt Ode for his Beloved Departed Parents!

Ben Konarov’s latest release, “Made A Mark,” a heartfelt tribute to the singer/songwriter’s late parents, is sure to hit the spot for many an indie fan. Carried by vocalist Lukky’s soft, raspy voice, angular lyrical delivery, and grippingly forthright lyrics, “Made A Mark” speaks to the anguish of losing those closest to you in a powerfully honest way. Relaxed, 90s-inflected instrumentation carries the vocals from verse to chorus like a river ebbs and flows, with piano, acoustic, and electric guitar carrying the arrangement. Konarov muses “I hope I’ve done them proud” on Instagram and with this song, it’s almost certain that he has. The emotion that pours out of “Made A Mark” is palpably real.

It's apparently been over twenty years since Konarov first started writing lyrics, and after an initial collaboration with producer Gary Cubberley – 2022’s “If Only”, a string of meditative indie rock pieces has followed, culminating in this latest release. Konarov and Cubberley are clearly a talented team together, and I look forward to seeing this artist/producer relationship develop. It’s plain from “Made A Mark” and his other songs that Konarov has a lot to say, and with any luck we’ll hear the bulk of it through his music.

“Made A Mark'' is, then, a good summary of who Konarov seems to be right now – a thoughtful, genuine artist seeking to express his life in song. With two decades of life experiences, including the raw pain of losing his parents, to inform him, here’s to looking forward to what else Konarov, Cubberley, and Lukky have to offer.

Listen to "Made A Mark" on Spotify here -

You can check out Ben Konarov’s Instagram profile here:

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