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Animate - “Unbound" ~ Sometimes all the world needs is a guy singing love songs on his guitar!

As the weather’s getting chilly our bodies somehow expect a chillier song. Carrying acoustic somberness, this is where Animate comes to the rescue. Truly a singer-songwriter, sometimes all the world needs sometimes is a guy singing love songs on his guitar - cue "Unbound"".

A classic ‘fireplace’ song, the song’s subject matter is explored by welcoming (and trancy) guitar strumming. Not skimpy on various effects, it’s clear to see the artist's desire to showcase a well-thought-out atmosphere.

On the other hand, I think perhaps the singer overpressed their autotune button. Sometimes you need those natural imperfections to ground everyone together. I’d also mention the singer’s accent, although not bad by any means. It’s one of those intriguing aspects that makes it worth it to replay the song.

Hopefully, you can decipher what nationality he is when listening to "Unbound" below!

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