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Abby London – “Off The Grid" ~ Out-of-the box and literally off the grid with fresh ideas!

Abby London’s "Off The Grid" is a reclusive person’s anthem. Her cute, charming voice partnered with uniquely playful synth sounds really emanate the off-the-grid (pun intended) feel that she’s trying to put out with her original composition. The lyrics come off as somewhat a little comedic and cute at the same time but she manages to hit the right notes.

While it might come off as a conspiracy theorist take, the lyrics really do give out a feel of independence that still seem fun and interesting. In fact, there’s a slight sweetness in the chorus when London sings the “where we are” part.

The production also fits the song intent. There are a lot of surreal and out-of-the-box elements used in the song that feels like the best representation from someone off the grid. The snaps give out that human touch, while bells, whistles, and synths make up a majority of the song and it works because it still feels laid back.

At the 2-minute mark, a semi-dream sequence sounding portion takes over and, again, it brings out that unique feel—a child-like personality that enjoys and believes what she’s saying about the song. The slight silliness and frankness of the song makes up a lot of the character and that says a lot as it ends up creating a dynamic that works.

"Off The Grid" works well in achieving what it set out to do. It’s fun, simple, and charming.

Listen to "Off The Grid" on Spotify here:

You can check out Abby London’s website here:

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