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Z-lla ~ An Upcoming Nigerian Indie Talent

On our very first interview we are delighted to sit with and know a bit more about the immensely talented Z-lla!

"Our lives as human beings are filled with various moments, basically a mix of happy and sad and my works focuses on life. So I don't have a particular mood, I give off all kinds of vibes, I'm universal."

1) Hello, welcome to the OG Music Blog Interview! First of all, tell us and our reader friends about yourself! Hey, I'm Tabitha Chapman a.k.a Z-lla being my artist name. I'm an indie artist and I'm from Abia state, Nigeria.

2) What made you want to become a musician/artist? When did you started your musical journey?

Started my journey formally in September 2019 (then I was 18), thanks to my mom and manager Mrs Clara Chapman but what set me on this musical path was the real feel good feeling I got from performing on stage at about age 11/12. At that moment I could swear I was born for music, the audience truly felt me and they were all cheering, it felt good and I knew I wanted more.

3) Which instruments do you play in general, which one you love most and why?

Honestly, I don't play any instruments. I'm a vocalist and I rap, I guess you could say my voice is my instrument. But I do love the piano, sat through some classes in the past, basically didn't learn much. I think I should do that again and this time learn it right.

4) What is it you are passionate about music in general?

It's hard to pick when you know and understand that so many elements combine to bring to life art (being music in this case).We're talking songwriting, sound engineering, beat making/creation and more. I'm basically passionate about everything, the whole creative process and journey for every musical project, as it is all simply beautiful.

5) Are there any musicians who inspire you? Yes, a lot actually, I get inspiration from different artist's in different genre's. There's just so much good music everywhere and so many brilliant creatives I must say. And that's the beauty of music, it's universal even with the presence of language barriers.

6) Briefly explain about your creative process for any project? This one is about my maiden album (New Dawn) It took missing a couple of classes in school, me and my manager brainstorming on various matters, collaborating with other artists, raising of funds (because music requires money), numerous studio sessions, long hours in the studio and more. It was about a one year project and hopefully it paid off.

7) What kind of music you usually make or the mood/vibe you aim to create in general? Our lives as human beings are filled with various moments, basically a mix of happy and sad and my works focuses on life. So I don't have a particular mood, I give off all kinds of vibes, I'm universal.

8) Have you ever collaborated? If yes, then say something about it like with whom or your experience in collaborating with others?

I've been graced with the chance of having other creatives work with me on my projects. I've collaborated with GB (rapper) and Macreamy (singer and song producer) The experience has always been pleasant and so I look forward to working with more creatives, cause why not?? The more the merrier.

9) Which qualities do you think a great musician should possess?

Well I'd say they are a lot but a few majorly important ones in my opinion would be self confidence, ability to learn and unlearn, expressiveness, great communication skills and consistency.

11) Any weaknesses you think you have or if you have any awkward moments/memories as a musician/artist?

A weakness is cold, turns out I've got serious issues with cold when out to perform at night time. It's crazy so we're working on it.

10) Any particular venue you'll be performing at or release that you might be having in the coming months? A few words on it please. Well it's a new song release and it's supposed to be a surprise so I ain't spilling no beans, y'all would have to wait till it's out, so watch out and keep them fingers crossed.

12) One last question. What's the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you or you might give to others like our musician friends reading this? Thanks. I'll say you should stay true to your style of music also find ways to work smart instead of hard and lastly hold God tight or whoever you believe in spiritually speaking, I recommend God though.

We at OG Music congratulate Z-lla and wish her all the best for her future musical endeavours. For now, check out her music below ~

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18 sept. 2022

You are doing an amazing job of promoting upcoming artists worldwide. Thumbs up to OG Music interview blog!

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