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Yana - A tinge of loneliness sprayed with a dash of hope!

We never had someone represent the Czech Republic in our humble blog. That someone is “Yana” and she is a singer/songwriter that’s been making waves through her trancey acoustic sound. Let’s see what gems we find in her song titled “Reach Out”.

Acoustic strumming is definitely the common denominator in this piece. Almost bluesy, almost spiritual and tribal, the ethnic percussion guides the listener through Yala’s musical journey. The journey itself (the lyrics) describe promises made by people that never come true. A tinge of loneliness sprayed with a dash of hope. “Reach out” enunciates the song’s message through involvement of male lead and backing vocals at certain times. Very intriguing!

As with every artist coming through UFA, we want them to succeed and fully realize their art, so one pointer I could give is the mix could have been better in my opinion. I could almost sense the delight hidden behind some instruments if they were balanced just a little bit better. Other than that, I think Yana has her creative effects and arrangement down to the T. Feel the vibes below!

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