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Wotts' 6 Shooter - is an evolving and convolving electric mid-west tune!

Wotts is another gift to humankind in the form of an indie pop band that come with their own uniquely quirks to offer. Today we’re peeking into their recent single - 6 Shooter.

Six shooter is an analogy of an unsettled mind, but as the saying “grab bull by the horns” goes, the singer grabs control of it by ‘going his way’. Spoken through laid back vocal lines, I imagine 6 Shooter being played when taking a solemn stroll around town. Full with lush synth stabs and whirring guitars, indie connoisseurs should rejoice!

In terms of percussion, we have the classical acoustic drum kit. However, what’s unique is the groove is largely set by a simple shaker. My favorite part is when the song commences to the bridge and then suddenly becomes this new refreshing vibe all thanks to a few “laser” sounds. Smooth way to re-captivate our earholes.

In case anyone’s wondering, Wotts have plenty of tracks that can grab and maintain your musical needs. Start your exploration below!

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