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Wild Gravity's - ‘Red Sky' ~ will take you for a spin while spitting some truths!

Wild Gravity expands your mind by taking you through a journey governed by fleeting emotions and time. The singer put a lot of care into switching up his lyrics to supplement the story (although vocal melodies stay same?). His belted vocal style adds to the grandiose entirety.

The most interesting aspect of Red Sky is how fluctuating and dynamic the vibe tends to be. It’s like a movie - split in chapters. The first, atmospheric synthetic alien arpeggios. Second, lyrics sung by shred guitar accompaniment. And finally, crescendos into differing levels of distortion.

‘Red Sky’ is also quite unique even though embedded into a larger, album whole. The album’s other singles purport each of every vibe mentioned above but as separate recordings. There’s a bit for everyone in this album, ‘Initial Transmissions’, so newcomers should feel welcome to this gravitational sound.

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