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Viscula - The amalgamation of ethnic percussion, Mdou Moctar’esque guitar tones, flamenco rhythms!

We’re honored to be reviewing a Ukrainian band going by the name ‘Viscula’. Its members have been dedicating their minds and spirits to making innovative sound for years now. Their latest project, ‘IV’, is a grand reprise on moods needing expression and collaboration with first-class artists.

The overall aspect of ‘IV’ blew me away how much their instrumentals can evoke strong feelings just by itself. The amalgamation of ethnic percussion, Mdou Moctar’esque guitar tones, combined with strategic application of flamenco rhythms are just a few notable techniques that bless listeners throughout the tracks. Of course, it wouldn’t be Viscula if they didn’t include convolving pads and harmonics to spice things up…..If somebody put a gun to my head and made me choose, my heart would gravitate most towards the song ‘Loving Is Hard’.

This track is full of peaks and valleys - stories without speech. The careful execution of tension and release through pentatonics allows it to weave in unexpected turns. ‘Loving Is Hard’, in my opinion, should be used as an example of expert section changes.

‘IV’, the desert-rock and ethereal potpourri is definitely worth lending your ears to. We know our ears thanked us for it!

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