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Virginia Marcs - “This Time" ~ Simultaneously haunting and soothing!

Essentially, we are greeted with a soothing, phase-y guitar overlooking the soundscape. Coupled with very interesting and intricate percussion, it doesn’t deal with the old adage of regurgitating dated methods but blesses our ears with modern experiments.

Virginia Marcs' vocal aesthetic is also something worth discussing. Firstly, it’s slightly saturated like a good glass of wine - a feature taking center stage within these genres. Other characteristics, such as timbre and dramatism all build upon the song’s story.

This cauldron of “he won’t hurt me this time” broils to the perfect degree of emotional weight. Victoria’s elegance lurks in the shadow of her obvious talent. Without a doubt "This Time" expounds the pent-up anger only felt by a love wound. It’s amazing what good music is born through emotional rollercoasters.

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