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Vincrux - It's hard to set yourself apart in EDM, but Vincrux knows what he’s doing!

Today’s artist is a special treat for our listeners with taste buds for EDM. We don’t usually do this genre but Vincrux’s competence in rhythm and vibes are just like any other underrated gold nugget we find.

First off, Vincrux’s “Get up” is definitely meant to be a motivational hymn - nudging us to get off our butts by starting off with a punchy and evocative kick-snare combo The tribal howling accompanying the base rhythm is a cool afternoon driving or chilling track. Indeed I like the vocal effect layers our artist/producer added . The overdubs make the layers sound almost like an electric guitar. A good note to add is that Vincrux doesn’t extend “Get Up” past the listener’s attention lifecycle. 2 minutes and 35 seconds is an honorable timeframe to get your idea across.

In the genre of EDM, it’s hard to set yourself apart in terms of instrumentation, but Vincrux knows what he’s doing. This is also evident from the amount of streams he gets - people love this track!

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