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Vala - Badassery comes from within, and Vala surely does a good job expressing hers!

Our next guest being from New York City, we’re proud to write about Vala. A versatile soul indeed, Vala has been making several headlines at respectable music sources with her rap and spoken word. Her newest single, “Baddest Bitch”, is on the rise - comparable to our interest in what it holds.

Well, in terms of composition, we are greeted by a boom-bappy rhythm and aggressive piano stabs. Despite the BASS, not more is needed for Vala to speak her truth. And the truth is, you can feel her giving energy as encouragement for women (or anyone) to realize their amazing potential. The badassery comes from within, and Vala surely does a good job expressing hers.

We’d be caught dead if we wouldn’t touch upon the video that comes with the song so….Firstly, I would like to commend Vala’s creative direction and various symbolism sprinkled throughout. For example, the shark with a dollar bowtie may be displaying her relationship with corporate aggression - which is later destroyed in the video.

The song wouldn’t be complete without a catchy chorus - which is what the artist does so overtly with “I’M THE BADDEST BITCH”. Catch a listen and a vibe from the song and video linked below!

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