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Ana Clara Hayley - Multitalented, bilingual and genre jumping, with new sounds & even more feeling!

Next up in our array of underrated fresh artists, we have Ana Clara Hayley…let’s see what she is all about! Well, Ana Clara Hayley (acronym ACH) is first and foremost a seasoned, international singer-songwriter. With a versatile flair, you can expect her musical genres to range from country, pop, rock, and even catch her lending vocals to collaborative electronic tracks such as “I Found You”.

While on the surface her instrumentals may appear energetic and uplifting, it is clear that upon closer inspection ACH tells us stories of important friendships and valuable relationships. As such in “Heart” - a deeply personal snippet of the artist’s life where she celebrates the great moments shared with her roomie Tara. Overall, the production style is crisp and naturally rhythmic. One can audibly hear the artist leaving a piece of them in respect for this record.

Personally, hearing her sing transports me to Nashville’s Broadway, where you can’t help but wonder where this soothingly tempered voice is coming from. She is planning to release her debut album, “Songbird Vol.1”, early 2022 and we are very much stoked for it. In the meantime, bless your ears with Ana Clara Hayley’s discography below!

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