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Metjoeww -“I feel now more than ever ready to rock & roll, write music, sing heartbreaking ballads!”

Today, we have an artist who is originally from Western Belgium. Metjoeww (Dutch pronunciation of ‘Matthew’) has already been releasing songs for a couple of years now, as well as being featured on albums by like minded artists too. His sonic experiences emanate honesty through orchestral instrumentations, coupled with gritty and inspiring lyrics that supplement the story. The songs grip the listener, ensuring an emotional listening experience. His instrumentation and lyricism are said to be influenced by symphonic metal bands such as ‘Evanescence’ and ‘Within Temptation’, which you can definitely hear in his music.

As an example, his latest single, ‘The Mark’, starts off with gentle acoustic guitar strums and vocals that set the stage for topics of strife explored throughout the track. What’s most interesting about this piece is how the artist switches moods from acoustic to distorted guitars - solidifying its message. Although the listener could seem better immersed in the track’s storyline with the singer enunciatiating the words a bit clearer, Metjoeww’s European dialect succeeds in adding to the folklore-ish metal vibe. Overall, you can rely on Metjoeww to take the listener through an honest, motivational journey.

Below, you can find the playlist we’ve provided for you to listen to his musical journey so far. Stay tuned to find out more from this underrated fresh artist… looks like he has a lot in store for the future! We wish him all the best! :)

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