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Trent Peltz - “Crossing Bridges” ~ An analogous and laid-back song buzzing with duality!

Today we have ourselves a budding artist/songwriter/producer multi-potentialite. Trent Peltz has bed-rocked himself with relative music success by creating something fresh for all.

The album-titled “Crossing Bridges” emanates sigh-of-relief vibes by exploring topics of cynicism and inclusiveness. The first half of the song is heavily contrasted to the second half. Great transition in of itself, from first to second, giving homage to the song’s title analogy. First half is more percussion-based and lesser sung while the second half culminates into a slower-paced version, more melodically driven.

It sounds like Trent Peltz always tries to push the envelope with new and legacy sounds entering our mainframe. Although most of his synth sounds are founded by the 80’s, they are precise in their envelope style and EQ. To sum it up, Crossing Bridges definitely gives us a bridge to cross into Trent’s world. With lushy synths, ethnic guitar and thoughtful lyrics worth continuous interpretation, listeners can be sure to qualify him as a fresh find.

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