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The ROLF - Upon examining the lyrics, they raise that familiar human feeling of wandering!

Give a round of applause for our friends from Stockholm, Sweden - “The ROLF”. We will be reviewing one of their most popular tracks “We Are Here”. Let’s see where the vibes take us!

Well, right from 0:00, there’s no time to spare for subtleties, as the artist greets us with an irregular, pompastic drum beat. Across the board our ears are blessed with crunchy guitars and an interesting vocal tone. The singer can emulate a particular vocal tone that reminds us of Morrissey but something more intricate….Upon examining the lyrics, they raise that familiar human feeling of wandering. I think it’s brilliant songwriting how the singer keeps asking “where are we now?” but the answer is right in your face and on the screen - We Are Here.

It’s really hard to give out pointers cause every artist’s “baby” is the perfect creation, but with that being said, I think the bridge could have been extended a teensy bit more. I really enjoyed the amalgamation of previous and new ideas breaking down towards the end.

The ROLF has carved out a niche of his own for sure. Only the best of luck to him, and to our readers, I hope you energize yourself through these vibes our Swedish friends are blessing with!

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