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The Lowtones - “Radio” ~ An irresistibly catchy slice of pop-punk that belongs on the radio!

After releasing a rather enjoyable EP at the tail end of Spring 2022, the pop-punk band - The Lowtones are back with the appropriately named “Radio”, as that’s exactly where this new slice of auditory heaven belongs.

Upon first listen, the first thing that grabs the listener’s attention is just how good everything sounds (especially on the excellent vocals and the driving bassline), and the fact that this song has more hooks than a pirate’s bachelor party. The drum fill around the 2:20 mark is an especially nice touch, building a sense of anticipation that fits the world-weary yet strident vocals.

There are elements here that remind me of the mid-2000s band The Bravery (especially that band’s classic “An Honest Mistake”), yet The Lowtones have a sound all their own. Too often on a song like this, the lead vocals come off as whiny or arrogant (Ronnie Radke, I’m looking in your direction). Thankfully, I’m happy to report this is not the case here. Vocalist Oliver Mavilio displays more character in one verse than many of his contemporaries do over their entire career. The rest of the band more than carries their weight (especially George Abbot on drums), making the rare case of the whole being equal to the sum of its parts.

The Lowtones may be a relatively new band (having formed in 2020), but it’s safe to say they have a bright future ahead of them. If they continue to release songs with this level of quality, expect them to be mainstays on alt-rock/pop-punk playlists for years to come. The song’s title may turn out to be prophetic, as the titular “radio” is exactly where they belong.

Listen to “Radio”on Spotify here -

You can check out The Lowtones instagram here:

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